Reconstructive Urology OVERVIEW

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Reconstructive urology is a subspecialty field that specifically manages and treats genitourinary injuries/ailments that affect normal voiding and sexual function. Common diseases cared for by reconstructive urologists include urethral strictures, pelvic fracture urethral distraction defects (PFUDDs), bladder neck contractures, ureteral strictures, ureteropelvic junction obstruction, urinary tract fistulas, urinary incontinence, Peyronie’s disease, buried penis, genital lymphedema, and neurogenic bladder. Common procedures performed include urethroplasty, direct visual internal urethrotomy, urethral dilation, skin/mucosal graft harvesting, radical resection of bladder neck, pyeloplasty, ureteral reimplantation/substitution, psoas hitch, Boari flap, and urinary diversion (ileal conduit, catheterizable stoma with bladder augmentation, neobladder).

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