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May 2012


In Press Citation

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BJU Int. 2012 Apr;109(7):1090-4. doi: 10.1111/j.1464-410X.2011.10508.x. Epub 2011 Sep 20.

Non-transecting anastomotic bulbar urethroplasty: a preliminary report.

Andrich DE, Mundy AR.


InstituteofUrology,London,UK. daniela.andrich@uclh.nhs.uk



To report our early experience with a novel approach to the excision and end-to-end anastomotic repair of bulbar urethral strictures.


A total of 22 patients underwent excision and end-to-end anastomosis of a proximal bulbar urethral stricture using a technique in which the corpus spongiosum is not transected, so as to maintain its blood supply intact. The range of follow-up was 6-21 months and for 16 patients the follow up was ≥1 year.


At 1 year of follow-up there was no evidence of a recurrent stricture on symptomatic assessment or uroflowmetry in the 16 patients. On urethrography one patient has a urethral calibre 80% of normal. In the other 15 the calibre is normal or greater than normal.


The non-transecting anastomotic bulbar urethroplasty technique used appears to give results that are as good as those of traditional anastomotic urethroplasty with less surgical trauma.






Outcomes of Endoscopic Realignment of Pelvic Fracture Associated Urethral Injuries at a Level 1 Trauma Center.

Leddy LS, Vanni AJ, Wessells H, Voelzke BB.

J Urol. 2012 May 15. [


A neosphincter for continent urinary catheterizable channels made from rectus abdominal muscle (Yachia principle): Preliminary clinical experience in children.

Macedo A Jr, Damázio E, Bacelar H, Rondon A, Ottoni S, Liguori R, Garrone G, Leslie B, Ortiz V.

J Pediatr Urol. 2012 Apr 27.



Unsuccessful outcomes after posterior urethroplasty: definition, diagnosis, and treatment.

Koraitim MM.

Urology. 2012 May;79(5):1168-74. Epub 2012 Mar 24.


An alternative channel for the Mitrofanoff principle based on transverse skin flaps: An extraperitoneal minimal invasive approach (the RPM technique).

Macedo A Jr, Rondon A, Bacelar H, Leslie B, Ottoni S, Liguori R, Garrone G, Ortiz V.

J Pediatr Urol. 2012 Mar 23.


Repeat transurethral manipulation of bulbar urethral strictures is associated with increased stricture complexity and prolonged disease duration.

Hudak SJ, Atkinson TH, Morey AF.

J Urol. 2012 May;187(5):1691-5. Epub 2012 Mar 15.


Complications after use of gastric segments for lower urinary tract reconstruction.

Castellan M, Gosalbez R, Bar-Yosef Y, Labbie A.

J Urol. 2012 May;187(5):1823-7. Epub 2012 Mar 16.


Novel posterior reconstruction technique during robot-assisted laparoscopic prostatectomy: Description and comparative outcomes.

Jeong CW, Oh JJ, Jeong SJ,HongSK, Byun SS, Choe G, Lee SE.

Int J Urol. 2012 Mar 8.


Adult care of children from pediatric urology.

Woodhouse CR, Neild GH, Yu RN, Bauer S.

J Urol. 2012 Apr;187(4):1164-71. Epub 2012 Feb 14.


Dorsal vaginal graft urethroplasty for female urethral stricture disease.

Petrou SP, Rogers AE, Parker AS, Green KM, McRoberts JW.

BJU Int. 2012 May 17


Surgical Repair of Late Complications in Patients Having Undergone Primary Hypospadias Repair during Childhood: A New Perspective.

Barbagli G, Sansalone S, Djinovic R, Lazzeri M.

Adv Urol. 2012;2012:705212. Epub 2012 Apr 10.


Dorsal onlay oral mucosal graft bulbar urethroplasty.

Barbagli G, Sansalone S, Kulkarni SB, Romano G, Lazzeri M.

BJU Int. 2012 Jun;109(11):1728-41.


Regenerative urethroplasty in reoperative hypospadias: Buried strip principle revisited.

Chatterjee US, Chatterjee SK.

J Indian Assoc Pediatr Surg. 2012 Apr;17(2):63-7.



Urethroplasty After Radiation Therapy for Prostate Cancer.

Glass AS, McAninch JW, Zaid UB, Cinman NM, Breyer BN.

Urology. 2012 Apr 20.


Urethroplasty: a geographic disparity in care.

Burks FN, Salmon SA, Smith AC, Santucci RA.

J Urol. 2012 Jun;187(6):2124-7. Epub 2012 Apr 12.


Use of Solovov-Badenoch principle in treating severe and recurrent vesico-urethral anastomosis stricture after radical retropubic prostatectomy: technique and long-term results.

Simonato A, Gregori A, Lissiani A, Varca V, Carmignani G.

BJU Int. 2012 Apr 13


Tissue engineered oral mucosa for urethroplasty: past experience and future directions.

Chapple CR, Macneil S.

J Urol. 2012 May;187(5):1533-4. Epub 2012 Mar 15


Split dorsal dartos flap transposed ventrally as a bed for preputial skin graft in primary staged hypospadias repair.

Springer A, Subramaniam R.

Urology. 2012 Apr;79(4):939-42. Epub 2012 Mar 3.


The augmented nontransected anastomotic urethroplasty for the treatment of bulbar urethral strictures.

Welk BK, Kodama RT.

Urology. 2012 Apr;79(4):917-21. Epub 2012 Feb 4


Long-term results of small intestinal submucosa graft in bulbar urethral reconstruction.

Palminteri E, Berdondini E, Fusco F, De Nunzio C, Salonia A.

Urology. 2012 Mar;79(3):695-701. Epub 2012 Jan 13.


What is the evidence for the management of urethral amyloidosis? A systematic review of the literature.

Mangera A, Linton KD, Fernando M, Channer J, Chapple CR.

BJU Int. 2012 Jun;109(12):1858-61. doi:


Non-transecting anastomotic bulbar urethroplasty: a preliminary report.

Andrich DE, Mundy AR.

BJU Int. 2012 Apr;109(7):1090-4.



Engineering functional bladder tissues.

Horst M, Madduri S, Gobet R, Sulser T, Milleret V, Hall H, Atala A, Eberli D.

J Tissue Eng Regen Med. 2012 Mar 21


Surgery: Outcomes of gastric-segment bladder reconstruction.

Singla AK.

Nat Rev Urol. 2012 May 1.


(send citations for consideration for inclusion in UroRecon to wzimmerm@dmc.org)




Bladder injuries in emergency/expedited laparoscopic surgery in the absence of previous surgery: a case series.

Levy BF, De Guara J, Willson PD, Soon Y, Kent A, Rockall TA.

Ann R Coll Surg Engl. 2012 Apr;94(3):e118-20.


Bladder injuries after external trauma: 20 years experience report in a population-based cross-sectional view.

Pereira BM, de Campos CC, Calderan TR, Reis LO, Fraga GP.

World J Urol. 2012 Apr 28


Bladder perforation during tension-free vaginal tape procedures: abdominal versus vaginal approach.

McLennan MT, Barr SA, Melick CF, Gavard JA.

Female Pelvic Med Reconstr Surg. 2012 Jan-Feb;18(1):25-9; discussion 29-31.


A rare case of upper ureter rupture: ureteral perforation caused by urinary retention.

Choi SK, Lee S, Kim S, Kim TG, Yoo KH, Min GE, Lee HL.

Korean J Urol. 2012 Feb;53(2):131-3. Epub 2012 Feb 20.


Laparotomy for blunt abdominal trauma in a civilian trauma service.

Howes N, Walker T, Allorto NL, Oosthuizen GV, Clarke DL.

S Afr J Surg. 2012 Mar 29;50(2):30-2.


A simple football injury leading to a grade 4 renal trauma.

Fanning DM, Forde JC, Mohan P.

BMJ Case Rep. 2012 Mar 8;2012.


Renal Trauma from Recreational Accidents Manifests Different Injury Patterns than Urban Renal Trauma.

Lloyd GL, Slack S, McWilliams KL, Black A, Nicholson TM.

J Urol. 2012 May 15.


Nonoperative Management of Penetrating Kidney Injuries: A Prospective Audit.

Moolman C, Navsaria PH, Lazarus J, Pontin A, Nicol AJ.

J Urol. 2012 May 15


Conservative management vs early surgery for high grade pediatric renal trauma–do nephrectomy rates differ?

Jacobs MA, Hotaling JM, Mueller BA, Koyle M, Rivara F, Voelzke BB.

J Urol. 2012 May;187(5):1817-22.


Management trends, angioembolization performance and multiorgan injury indicators of renal trauma from Japanese administrative claims database.

Sugihara T, Yasunaga H, Horiguchi H, Nishimatsu H, Fukuhara H, Enomoto Y, Kume H, Ohe K, Matsuda S, Homma Y.

Int J Urol. 2012 Jun;19(6):559-63


Renal artery pseudoaneurysm resulting from blunt trauma.

Jackson E, Ibrahim J, Herman J.

Am Surg. 2012 Feb;78(2):57-8.


Management of severe blunt renal trauma in adult patients: a 10-year retrospective review from an emergency hospital.

Aragona F, Pepe P, Patanè D, Malfa P, D’Arrigo L, Pennisi M.

BJU Int. 2012 Feb 7


Contemporary management of renal trauma: differences between urologists and trauma surgeons.

Yeung LL, Brandes SB.

J Trauma Acute Care Surg. 2012 Jan;72(1):68-75; discussion 75-7.


Multi-disciplinary update on pelvic fracture associated bladder and urethral injuries.

Figler B, Edward Hoffler C, Reisman W, Jeff Carney K, Moore T, Feliciano D, Master V.

Injury. 2012 May 14.


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2nd Conference on Failed Hypospadias Repair – 4rth Surgical Workshop of CURGS Arezzo, Italy

Date: 14 Sep 2012 – 15 Sep 2012

Description: Sava Perovic’s Memorial

Organization: Center for Reconstructive Urethral Surgery Sava Perovic Foundation



(send information/meetings for UroRecon to wzimmerm@dmc.org)




Society of Genitourinary Reconstructive Surgeons: http://www.societygurs.org/

The Center for Reconstructive Urethral Surgery: http://www.urethralcenter.it/

International Volunteers in Urology: http://www.ivumed.org/


Institution: The Detroit Medical Center

Mailing address: Department of Urology
4160 John R.
Suite 1017
Detroit, MI 48120

Contact persons name: Richard Santucci, MD
Contact persons email:rsantucc@dmc.org
Phone: (313) 745-1712
Fax: (313) 745-8222
Fellowship website: http://www.drhuhc.org/urology3.html

Short description: We perform more than 80 reconstructive cases a year, mostly complex urethroplasty. The Fellow has staff privileges at one of the nation’s premier Level I trauma centers, and has constant opportunity to operate “solo” at the attending level.

Work in a supportive environment designed to foster your academic career and clinical skills. Adequate time will be arranged for clinical research and developing your C.V., to help prepare you for academic or private job market.

We have a nice mix of male urethral reconstruction, spinal cord reconstruction, trauma, and other reconstruction cases (such as iatrogenic ureteral injury). We’ve got a robust referral population and see a huge variety of cases.

Apply by which date:  Apply as early as possible, 2 years ahead.  Interview between July 1 – December 30, 2011, for Fellowship starting July 1, 2013.


(send fellowship information for UroRecon to wzimmerm@dmc.org)




UroRecon is edited by W. Britt Zimmerman, DO and founded by Richard A. Santucci, MD, and includes abstracts of papers in press, announcements, notice of meetings, positions available, and recently published papers of interest in the field of Trauma and Reconstructive Urology.  To submit an item, subscribe, or un-subscribe, send e-mail to wzimmerm@dmc.org.


W. Britt Zimmerman, D.O. FACOS
-Chief of Urology, Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan – Detroit Medical Center
-Clinical Instructor Michigan Statue University – College of Osteopathic Medicine

4160 John R., Suite 1017
Detroit, MI 48201
Assistant Ms. Kertina Kimbrough 313-745-1550
Direct Line 313-745-9658
FAX 313-745-8222

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